Friday, May 15, 2015

Choosing a Poem

To help you find a poem, here are three online sources of quality poetry. You must find a poem from one of these three sources. Remember that you will need to defend the poem's quality in group work that day, so be sure to choose well. Remember to print a copy to bring to class that day.

Poems at (each poem is read by the poet; a good way to decide if you like the way it sounds)

Canadian Poetry Online (from the University of Toronto library; a list of poets that links to poems from each one)

Poetry Daily Archive (alphabetical archive of poems by title; here you can look for an interesting title and see if you can find a poem you like)

NOTE: If you have a poem that you wish to share that is not on these sites, you must send it to me in advance for my approval. Let me know why you think the poem is worthy of discussion in an email by Wednesday, May 20.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Experience with Poetry

Write a 50-word paragraph that refers to your personal experiences with poetry. The experiences do not have to be at school, although they may be if you wish. Be specific please.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Paragraph Answer for "A Spoiled Man"

Write an answer that is based on information found on the pages you have been assigned. Try, as best you can, to connect what happens on that page to events that occur either before or after in the story. Quote the story at least once, but no more than 20 words, maximum, for all quotes. Identify the page numbers and topic, please, as a heading before your paragraph. See my model answer for more ideas on what to do.

Write between 150 and 200 words. Bring your word processed work to class on Wednesday. 

Link to the story online for easier cut and paste quoting.

After reading all your pitches, I must say, "Bravo"! It will be a fantastic experience to read about all these amazing people. Like Andrew Stanton says at the end of his lecture, " Use what you know. Draw from it. It doesn't always mean plot or fact. It means capturing a truth from your experiencing it, expressing values you personally feel deep down in your core." It seems to me you have done so!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Making a Pitch for Your Narrative Essay

Write a short (100 to 150 word) pitch for your narrative essay idea. Why would we be interested in the person you chose? What makes this person interesting? What influence have they had on you that is interesting to others?

Please bring a copy of your pitch to class on Friday, word processed and printed.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Memorable Scene: "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans"

Post your comment here by next Wednesday. Answers should be approximately 200 words, plus or minus 10%.

Here's a link to the film at YouTube: "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans"

Friday, April 10, 2015

Homework for the Story, "Katania"

Using the questions you received with your first short story (on the reverse of the sheet) or the “Guide to Literary Terms,” write an answer based on the page range given to you at class on Friday. You may comment on more than one example (e.g. for setting you could refer to both the physical setting and the social environment) that occurs on those pages. Remember to have one overall topic that is more general than your content, so we know how you plan to answer. Write about 200 words in a single paragraph. Quote at least twice and work to integrate your quotations into your own sentences. Try to show how your page range relates to something that happens either before or after it in the story.

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Persuasive RSAnimate

View two or three examples of RSAnimates and then choose the one you find most persuasive.

In a paragraph, explain why you find it persuasive (in a way, persuade us that we should also watch it!). Post your paragraph here (150 to 200 words) before coming to class.

Be sure to bring your work to class, word processed, next Wednesday.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Responding to "Poison Apples"

Write about something that surprised you, angered you, delighted you, or evoked any strong reaction when reading the editorial, “Poison Apples.” Answer in a paragraph of between 150 and 200 words. Bring a copy, word processed and double spaced, to class on Wednesday, March 25.